20s: Your developmental sweet spot

Twenty somethings for the most part get a bad rap in the media. Time magazine recently dubbed us the, “Me, Me, Me Generation”. But for those tired of cynical views (lazy and over entitled depictions), here’s a more positive outlook.

Contrary to popular belief, your 20s are not a throwaway decade. According to Clinical psychologist Meg Jay in a recent TED talk, your 20s are a time to build your identity capital. That means working on yourself. And while that might seems like advice to fan the flames of your narcissism, think of it more like figuring out how to be the best you to serve the people around you.

Now say what you want about TED talks, but there’s no denying that this is helpful information. If you have 15 minutes to spare, I highly recommend the video below.

Jay Quotables

 In your 30s it’s simply harder and more stressful to do.

Whatever it is you want to change about yourself, now is the time to change it

20s are the time to educate yourself about your body and your options

20s are the critical period of adult development

 The defining decade: Jay’s three main points

 1. Forget about having an identity crisis and get identity capital

– Do something that adds value to who you are

-An investment of who you might want to be next

 2. The urban tribe is overrated

– 20 somethings that huddle together with like-minded peers limit who they know, what they know, how they think, how they speak, and where they work

 3. The time to start picking your family is now

-The best time to work on your marriage is before you have one, that means being as intentional with love as you are with work.

-Consciously choose who and what you want