Author: Bryana Fern

Books, Film

The World of Tolkien, Returning

Lovers of Middle-earth may feel that with the Hobbit films being long concluded now, and rumors of a future Silmarillion film being dismantled, that there may not be much left to milk out of our favorite Lord of the Rings stories. But the past few months have included big news for Tolkien fans.


The Spirituality of Superheroes

From Halloween to Comic-Con conventions, one costume that prevails is that of the superhero. We dress up like them, we fantasize about them, we hang pictures of them in our rooms and offices. Kids and adults alike want to be them. Why? Because the world of comic book superheroes reflects […]


The WOW Factor in Worship

If you consider yourself to be up-to-date on the biggest trends in worship music, the billboard hits on K-LOVE, and the debuting artists in the CD racks at Lifeway, then you probably consider yourself an avid “worshipper”. For a long time that’s what I considered myself. And I still do. […]