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“Everybody, Always” – Book Excerpt

When Love Does first appeared in 2012, Bob Goff was described as “the world’s best-kept secret.” More than 800,000 copies later, he is no longer a secret. But Bob never stops surprising, and in Everybody, Always, his eagerly awaited follow-up to Love Does, he reveals what happens when we stop worrying about a challenging world full of difficult people and instead simply love them: we discover the outsized, unfettered, liberated existence we’ve always dreamed of.

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“Saving Truth” — Book Excerpt

Increasingly, Western culture embraces confusion as a virtue and decries certainty as a sin. Those who are confused about sexuality and identity are viewed as heroes. Those who are confused about spirituality are praised as tolerant. Conversely, those who express certainty are seen as bigoted, oppressive, arrogant, or intolerant. In Saving Truth, Murray seeks to awaken Westerners to the plight we find ourselves in. He also challenges Christians to consider how they have played a part in fostering the culture of confusion through bad arguments, unwise labeling, and emotional attacks.

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“The Zombie Gospel” – Book Excerpt

We are at an unprecedented time in history. Never has there been a generation closer to the end of the world than today. Global warming threatens the earth. Pollution is killing the oceans and our food sources. Half the world is starving, and all it would take to change the course of history is for people to stop consuming. But we can’t.