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The Cinderella syndrome

Disney’s Frozen, loosely based on “The Snow Queen,” came out at the end of November to rave reviews. But I’m conflicted. I’m not sure if I can get behind any Disney princess, no matter how many times reviewers use the words “strong” or “sisterhood” to describe the film. I was […]

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How to Get Happy

Writer-director Brad Wise talks about what’s important, and what’s not, for a Christian who makes movies. It’s not like I was a kid dreaming of making movies one day. I never really set out to do any of this stuff. It just kind of happened. Brad Wise has the shell-shocked look […]

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Film Review: Skyfall

A story told well is one that reaches beyond its own literal limits, and gestures toward something worth having outside of these boundaries. For instance, later readers of ancient Greek and Roman epic were able to find in these stories — often grim stories about concrete affairs such as bloody […]