Wednesday Playlist: God in Rock n’ Roll

As mysterious as the creation of humanity might be, the mystery behind the creation of music is just as elusive. Was there a discovery of harmony? Or is music as natural and unexplainable as love itself?

I believe music, outside of Christian circles, has the power to proclaim the love of God beyond the reach of churches and religious circles. As musicians create lyrics and rhythms, I think more often than not they will stumble upon their Creator in their pursuit of love and beauty. With their horns and pianos, guitars and singers an enthusiastic passion for love and for God found a home among some of the greatest rock bands and their hits.

Here’s a few songs where I feel God is present:


Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Long as I can See the Light”

Everyday has its trials and tribulations and within our daily routines it’s easy to get lost, but as CCR assuredly states, you can find your way home, “Long as you can see the light.”


The Rolling Stones: “Shine a Light”

Despite how  positively certain you are of God’s existence there comes a time when everyone loses faith. “Shine a Light” is a desperate plea for the healing power of Love’s presence.


George Harrison: “What is Life”

The Beatles always found melodies and words to capture the world with a tapping foot and a thought of love. Though it may sound like a simple love song, I’ve always heard this tune as an expression of devotion to God. What would life be without God’s love?


Bruce Springsteen: “Promised Land”

Nothing gets at the heart of America truer than the poetry and soul of Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band. As much as the world seems to get on your back and drag you down, we’re all in the desert, waiting for our promised land.


Billy Preston: “That’s the Way God Planned It”

Nobody plays a piano like Billy Preston.  And everyone knows it as he has contributed to numerous hits and albums. This song is a great reminder of the selflessness we are called to, a testament telling us “Love is the way.”



Flickr photo (CC) courtesy of heiner1947