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MC Jin Inspire 2011

MC Jin Inspire 2011 concert review & more

Queen Elizabeth Theatre was alive last night with fans of MC Jin, the Hong-Kong American rapper who’s break out claim to fame was winning seven Freestyle Friday competitions on BET.

Jin almost didn’t make it to the show. After an 11 hour flight from Hong Kong earlier this week, he was interrogated by border guards for five hours then eventually sent back to Hong Kong. After landing, he got a call from the organizers in Vancouver saying that there was a chance that he could return, so he made the flight back to Vancouver which he calls “a leap of faith” because of the uncertainty that remained surrounding whether or not he would be allowed in.

Fortunately the lawyers were able to resolve the misunderstanding with immigration, and Jin arrived for his concert on time. As for what actually happened at the border, Jin said that, “without getting into detail, that was just a learning experience in itself.”

According to Jin, it was important to do whatever it took to get here. “The organizers put a lot of time and effort into this whole thing,” he said. “I did have a personal obligation to make the best effort that I could to get here.”

Jin’s performance was electric. He was truly engaged with the crowd, opening the show by taking the sunglasses off his face and handing them to someone in the crowd. Throughout his performance, he effortlessly engaged the audience (even making a joke about inspiring his audience while perspiring). “Every single person here, you each represent something beautiful,” said Jin. “I’m tryin’ to change lives like God changed mine.”

One special moment was when Jin was asked by his manager Carl Choi to do some freestyling. It was then that he called up immigration lawyer Jeffrey Lowe, the lawyer responsible for resolving his case (Lowe also incidentally happens to be the board chair of our magazine). Jin rapped about being sent back to Hong Kong and how Lowe came to save the day. He also made a light-hearted quip about wanting Lowe to lower his fees.

At the end of the show he jumped into the crowd and closed with a prayer for those who were hurting and those who didn’t know Jesus.

On our interview with Jin

Although we won’t post the interview yet (it’ll be in an upcoming magazine) we wanted to share a bit about our time with Jin today.

We got the chance to sit down with him earlier to discuss his new marriage, faith, early career struggles, and of course hip-hop. One thing we have to say is that he is an entertainer through and through. Animated as ever during our quick talk, he stood up on the couch, laid down on the couch, and even acted out scenarios for us. Jin had so much energy, even after enduring so many back-to-back flights, a concert the night before, and a full day of interviews.

While he has had many successes in his life, he was humble when discussing his career, admitting to being “sucked into” all the perks of the entertainment industry early in his career.

All in all it was a great experience. Look for more with Jin in Converge Magazine coming soon.