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MC Jin Inspire 2011

MC Jin Inspire 2011 concert review & more Queen Elizabeth Theatre was alive last night with fans of MC Jin, the Hong-Kong American rapper who’s break out claim to fame was winning seven Freestyle Friday competitions on BET. Jin almost didn’t make it to the show. After an 11 hour […]

Canadian Election Results 2011

Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share (%) CON 167 0 167 39.62 NDP 102 0 102 30.62 LIB 34 0 34 18.91 BQ 4 0 4 6.05 GRN 1 0 1 3.91 IND 0 0 0 0.43 The Conservatives gained their much needed majority in parliament. “We are intensely aware that […]

Osama is dead, and remember to vote

Osama Bin Laden Killed Last night we were all shocked by the news that the world’s most infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden was killed by the U.S. government. I’m sure it was the last thing any of us thought we’d be watching on T.V. on a Sunday night. Here’s an […]

Top ten princess movies

  1. Princess Diaries “the drab to fab princess” This movie has the element we all love in a feel good rom-com — an epic makeover. It’s hard to imagine Anne Hathaway looking so nerdy and disheveled now, but back then as a relatively unknown star, she blew us out […]

Interview with Paolo Aquilini

Sports somehow have a way of bringing the people together like nothing else. Here’s an interview I did with Paolo Aquilini, part owner of the Canucks for BC Christian News last year around this time. Click here for the unabridged version: I’m trying to think back to that day. I […]